Ei Pionir UKT doo is a part of the Ei - Holding Corporation. We have been in the Land Mobile Radio business for more than 40 years, both nationally and internationally.

We were pioneers in the field of VHF/UHF FM Professional Mobile Radio networks, based on the transceivers designed, developed and manufactured by our company. Our technological path begins with a 'hybrid' - tubes & transistors transceiver.

From the very beginning, our transceivers were equipped with SelCall-ID subsystem, enabling specific application of PRM links such as remote monitoring and signalization in the field of Resources management, Fire protection, etc.

Currently our products incorporate the leading edge technology - Digital Frequency Synthesis, C, mixed Data & Voice transmission, multi-layer PCBs and SMT.

We have focused on Encrypted (not Scrambled) Voice Transmission over the narrow-band FM mobile radio channel, in simplex and semi-duplex - through Repeaters, intended for Government agencies, Police and Military forces.

A comprehensive range of the Gain Antennas for Fixed, Base and Repeater Stations, as well as the required Power Supplies and other PMR accessories, make part of our manufacturing program.

In 1996/97. we took a part in the fast-growing cellular market: company MOBTEL, which was the exclusive operator of mobile telephony in Serbia, authorized our factory for technical reception and servicing of the NMT and GSM mobile phones. Acceptance tests and service were made for the equipment from different manufacturers (Nokia, Ericsson, Audiovox, etc.).

Our latest achievement is the ASU-2000, a set of High Tech equipment, intended for Urban Public Passengers' Traffic Control and Management over radio, as applied in Moscow, RF.

In order to increase the cost-effectiveness and to improve our ability to respond to the market demand for the latest high-tech features, we have undergone an intense reorganization. The assembly work, predominantly manual, has been outsourced to companies specialized in SMT assembling. Our current factory permanent staff consists of a core group of highly experienced R&D engineers, technicians, a number of skilled workers and a small administration services department.

With their comprehensive experience, modern design tools and test equipment, our design and engineering teams of experts are able to meet the challenge of any new requirement.


A. Current product line

1. Radio communication equipment and accessories for Land Mobile Communication (Professional Mobile Radio) in VHF and UHF frequency bands:
- Mobile transceivers
- Portable transceivers SMD
- Fixed transceivers
- Base and repeater transceivers
- Antennae and antenna systems
- Power supplies and battery chargers
- Auxiliary equipment for transceivers' remote control

2. Equipment for communication centers:
- Radio communication consoles
- Cable repeaters (two-way 'Booster' amplifiers) SMD

3. Equipment for encrypted voice transmission:
- External Encryption modules (CVSDM)
- Internal Encryption modules SMD
- Fill guns for Encryption modules
- Internal scrambling modules SMD

4. Equipment for passengers' urban transport control (ASU-2000):
- Mobile Duplex UHF FM mobile transceivers for synchronized data and voice transmission, with internal modems (DPSK + FFS?) SMD
- Indication/Control devices (terminals) for vehicles' drivers SMD
- In-vehicle DC/DC Converters
- Fixed Duplex UHF FM transceivers SMD
- Full-duplex Central modems (DPSK & FFS?) for synchronized data transmission through FM radio channel SMD
- SHF Beacon low power transmitter


1. System integrations for case specific PRM application such as:
- Resources management (FHSS & DSSS)
- RFID for urban traffic fleet management (Backscattering, FHSS & FM)

2. Designing and/or Manufacturing of:
- Subscribers' units (mobile and portable) for TETRA networks
- Antenna systems for GSM and TETRA Base stations
- Voice encryption modules, using ACELP algorithm
- Implementation of satellite navigation in the ASU-2000 system
- Completely new Dispatching Center for the ASU-2000 system


A. Development, Design & Construction

1. Application development with experimental research
2. Design and construction of the equipment, electrical and mechanical parts
3. Software development for mC controlled devices
4. Issuing of technical documentation for Manufacturing and After Sales

B. Production

1. Purchasing of the all necessary components and materials
2. Cooperation with manufacturing companies specialized in: printed circuit boards, mechanical parts and SMD components assembling.
3. Completion of assembled PCB's
4. Complete equipment assembling
5. Tuning, alignment and performances' achievement
6. Burn-in testing
7. Exposing to the vibrations
8. Dynamic operation testing
9. Quality control (100% or AQL)

C. Different services

1. Land Mobile Radio networks' planning with prediction of the covered zones
2. Installation projects for fixed stations in LMR networks, including co-siting EMC prediction and elimination
3. Technical inspection and performances evaluation of the radio equipment (VHF/UHF transceivers up to the W links)
4. Servicing of VHF/UHF radio equipment
5. Training and education of customers' technical staff