Radio network planning

Ei Pionir UKT factory has been involved in VHF/UHF radio network planning for many years. Through performing its long-lasted role of a manufacturer of various radio communication devices, and, above all, complex wireless voice&data transmission systems, we have acquired vast experience in finding and creating original radio network planning solutions.

Engineering in the field of radio network planning includes dimensioning, space arrangement and spectrum management of analogue and digital systems. Coverage prediction for fixed transmit stations (repeaters and base stations), as well as point-to-point link studies are also comprised. The propagation loss calculation, covering zones determination and plotting of the obtained results, are made by the use of the originally developed software package as well as databases containing terrain and groundcover information. Considering the statistical nature of the field- strength prediction method for mobile radio services, the covering zones are defined specifically for requested percentages of locations and time. Covering zones with different resolutions (i.e. with different number of propagation paths) can be determined, subject to the purpose of each project.

The edition of accompanying comprehensive documentation, essential for obtaining a work licence for the radio network, is an integral part of all our radio network planning projects. The resources that we have at our disposal guarantee efficiency and the highest quality of the issued projects, even regarding the most complex radio networks.

Ei Pionir UKT factory offers additional services as well, such as: production of antenna holders and masts for all types of objects, all kinds of installation works and system starting-ups.

What follows is a selection of only the most complex works we have performed, chosen out of a very high number of our radio network planning projects:

I - Radio networks for data transmission and remote control

Year Project No. Customer
1979 29   "Hidrosistem" DTD Novi Sad
1986 20   TS 35/10 kV ED TITOGRAD
1987 32   HMS "Streževo" Bitola
1988 3   GS "Beograd" Beograd
1989 29   "Kolubara" OOUR "Tamnava" Istocno polje
1989 30   REIK "Kolubara" OOUR "Tamnava" Istocno Polje
1990 21   JP "Vodovod" Brcko
1991 14   HE "Višegrad"
1992 16   "Elektrodistribucija" Lazarevac
1993 6   SP "Lasta" Beograd
1995 10   EP "ED-Beograd" TS 35/10 kV Jajinci
1997 1   J.P. "ELEKTROSRBIJA" Kraljevo

 II - Functional radio networks

Year Project No. Customer
1976 18   ED SR Crne Gore Titograd
1977 25   Republicki hidrometeorološki zavod Titograd
1978 12   Savezna uprava carina Beograd
1978 25   ZZRO SAP Vojvodine - Novi Sad
1978 26   "Gasovod" Zrenjanin
1979 1   Zdravstvena služba na teritoriji SR Srbije
1979 18   Nacionalni park "Durmitor" Žabljak
1979 26   Vatrogasni savez SAP Vojvodine - Novi Sad
1979 31   NO SAP Vojvodina
1981 43   Srbija put Beograd
1982 1   "Vojvodina put" Novi Sad
1983 9   Vatrogasni savez SR Crne Gore
1983 23   Brodogradilište Kladovo
1983 27   PK "Godomin" Smederevo
1984 32   AMS Kosova - Priština
1985 7   Auto-motoSavez Jugoslavije
1990 13   Ustanova za održavanje unutrašnjih plovnih puteva Beograd
1991 9   Ministarstvo odbrane SR Srbije - Beograd
1991 23   Beogradska pekarska industrija
1994 3   JPGŠ " Srbijašume" - Beograd
1994 6   "Pan-taxi" Novi Sad
1994 9   "Merima" Kruševac
1995 3   JKP "Vodovod i kanalizacija" Cacak
1996 1   JP TE "Kosovo" Obilic
1996 7   DD IMK "14. oktobar" Kruševac
1997 1   J.P. "ELEKTROSRBIJA" Kraljevo

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