Communication Centers

1. Communication console RTP-333
2. Control console DK-600F



Communication console RTP-333 is designed primary for rational organization of Professional Mobile Radio networks and their integration in private or public telephone networks. Unique solutions applied in construction of this device give possibility for very efficient using of radio network resources.

This sophisticated equipment is realized with ÁC controlled functional modules; such solution gives capabilities of a true Control Center.


Main features:

• 3 VHF/UHF transceivers
• 3 Automatic Exchange PBX lines
• 3 LB lines, for remote controlling of the additional transceivers
• Enhanced Sel Call features
• RadioTelephone interconnection
• Serial communication RS-232 interface
• Remote antenna sites

Equipment configuration:

• Command stand MP-60/6
• Transceivers' group: MRS-500 Transceivers with SIP-500 Power supplies
• Equipment on remote (antenna) site:
  • Cable repeaters KRP-500
Stationary antennas

Communication console RTP-333 - Data sheet (538K)


On sites where antennas are installed on longer distances from radio equipment, Cable repeaters (two-way amplifiers) have to be used. Using of KRP-500 series repeaters simplifies remote site problem and significantly reduces possible leakage of information before encryption (if such devices are used). Repeaters also give possibility to separate antennas in order to achieve Electro-Magnetic Compatibility, enabling utilization of transceivers' full basic parameters - sensitivity and output power.

Cable repeater KRP-500 - Data sheet (200K)

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Control console DK-600F is designed for configuring of Central (Base) station for Land Mobile Radio networks with Selective Call features. It is possible to connect one VHF/UHF transceiver (MRS-500 series) and one automatic telephone line (PBX or PSTN) to the console.

DK-600F provides all external transceiver's controls. Besides, it provides all Sel Call and Identification features, interconnection between the telephone line and radio channel (via VOX feature), and connection of external loudspeaker. Printer connection is optional possibility.

Basic version of the console has been upgraded to DK-600F/K version, which comprises additional DVP interface - for protected voice transmission over radio channel.


Main features:

• Transceiver's extended control
• RadioTelephone interconnection
• Full Base station Sel Call features
• Received calls storage
• Digital clock
• DVP interface (DK-600F/K)
• Printer interface (option)

Equipment configuration:

• Control console DK-600F(/K)
• VHF/UHF Transceiver MRS-500
• Power supply SIP-500
Stationary antennas
• DVP device (with DK-600F/K)

Control console DK-600F/K - Data sheet (291K)

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